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Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence and abuse in Warwickshire

Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) is a common breach of human rights. It affects individuals and has far-reaching consequences for families, children, communities and society as a whole. The extent of the problem is shocking and intolerable. DVA is a major public health problem with devastating health consequences and enormous costs to the NHS and is a challenge to health care services in the UK and internationally.

DVA is the systematic use of power and control. It includes emotional and psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual violence, stalking and harassment, intimidation and humiliation, manipulation, threatening behaviour, financial control, isolation and entrapment. The context of fear is an important element in the understanding of domestic violence as a pattern of coercive control.

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviour, rather than a one-off incident. In Warwickshire, all agencies are committed to tackling domestic abuse, working in partnership with statutory, voluntary, community organisations and individuals please click on the link for more information:-    http://www.talk2someone.org.uk/IRIS